A total cross section database.
~2.2x104 series of total cross section measurements published since 1947 are included. Coverage after 1991 may be fragmentary.


A factographic database.
Think of this as a distant cousin of INSPIREHEP with a possibility to search by reaction, observables, beam-target kinematics, particle properties and experimental setup, in addition to the usual bibliographic information.
Only experimental papers are included. Coverage of papers published after 1991 is quite fragmentary.


The database contains information about various characteristics of reactions between elementary particles, such as total and differential cross-sections, multiplicities, polarizations and so on.
The data are taken from various documents (journal articles, preprints, theses, etc.) and are cross-referenced with the DataGuide database.

The database is a revived version of the Reactions database maintained at IHEP in 1980-2000.
The data description language and the record structure are identical to Reactions.
Query syntax is slightly changed, see the built-in help in the database shell.

Note that the database is still at a very preliminary stage:

In 2021 we'll fill these gaps and add features like HTML output of search results and interactive plotting similar to the one in the CrossSections database.

(c) COMPAS Group, IHEP (Protvino, Russia), 1980-2020